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Breast Augmentation

$4000.00 Saline Implants
$4700.00 Silicone Implants

Pearce Plastic Surgery is ready to give you the size and shape you desire and make it an affordable procedure at that too! Until May 31st 2019, Breast Augmentations with saline implants are $4000.00 and Silicone implants are $4,700.00. Price includes all costs for procedure and follow up visits. Financing options with Care Credit and Lending USA are available. Call 512-764-9076 to learn more today!


Lip Filler JuveDerm Ultra XC

$575.00 (Reg. $675.00)

If you want to have fuller lips and burn through lipstick faster then Lip Filler with Juvederm Ultra XC is for you! Procedure can be done the day of your consultation!


Restylane Lyft for Cheek Filler

$600.00 per syringe Buy 1 syringe and get second one at $100.00 off!

Restylane Lyft is perfect for giving you back those cheeks you had in your youth and at the same time also helps soften and smooth those smile lines you’ve been wanting to get rid of!


Kybella For Double Chin Reduction

3 treatments for $1200.00 (Reg $1500.00)

Want to change the way your selfies look? Tired of holding the phone up high so that your double chin doesn’t take the main stage in your photos? Kybella is a great non-surgical treatment that can reduce the size of your double chin and improve to contour of your neck line. 3 treatments once a month for 3 months is all it takes!


Botox and Dysport

Botox $9.00 per unit (Reg $11/unit)
Dysport $8.00 per unit (Reg. $10/unit)

Ready to soften those facial wrinkles? Botox and Dysport are perfect for softening and smoothing out those lines and wrinkles giving you a younger look! Can’t decide if you should have Botox or Dysport? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Pearce today to discuss which would be right for you.



$60 per session (Reg $90) or get 3 sessions for $150.00

Dermaplaning is the perfect way to exfoliate all the extra skin cells on your face and allow the new skin cells to see the light of day! You’ll be amazed at what’s been sitting on your face after your procedure is done!

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