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Pearce Plastic Surgery




Upper eyelid lift or Blepharoplasty


for both eyes for appropriate surgical candidates. Available to the first ten patients to book their surgery with Dr. Pearce. After all 10 spots are filled, price will increase to $2700.00. Patients must be acceptable candidates for this cosmetic procedure.


Profound Radiofrequency Micro-Needling Skin Rejuvenation

$3000.00 (Reg. $3500.00)

Not ready for a facelift? All it takes is one single Profound treatment to the face and neck to produce 5x the elastin, 2x the collagen and even increase hyaluronic acid in your skin. This results in tighter, younger appearing skin that can soften or even erase lines and wrinkles of the face and neck. The results are even known to last up to 5 years.

Spetember Special: $3000.00 with Biopelle Tensage post treatment serum included ($200.00 value)


Profound Radiofrequency Cellulite treatment

$2500.00 (Reg. $3500.00)

If the unevenness of your legs bothers you, a single Profound treatment to your areas with cellulite can significantly improve the appearance of your legs, making them smoother in appearance. The results are also known to last up to 5 years.


Laser Hair Treatments

25% off packages of 6 treatments.

Its the end of summer and you’ve only got so much time before the heat comes back and you start wearing a little less clothing. Want to have less hair to worry about for next season? Then Laser Hair treatments are what you are looking for! Pearce Plastic Surgery uses the Splendor X, one of the fastest lasers with the largest treatment beam to ensure you spend less time with us and more time doing you all while getting rid of unwanted hair! 6 treatments are recommended to ensure best results.

Prices listed below are package prices: 

Face:            $150 (Reg price $200)
Underarms:       $225 (Reg Price $300)
Chest::           $225 (Reg Price $300)
Abdomen:         $225 (Reg Price $300)
Chest and Abdomen: $450 (Reg Price $600)
Full Back:         $750 (Reg Price $1000)
Half Back:         $375 (Reg Price $500)
Full legs           $750 (Reg Price $1000)
Half Legs          $375 (Reg Price $500)
Bikini             $300 (Reg Price $400)
Brazilian Bikini      $450 (Reg Price $600)
Bikini Line Only.    $225 (Reg Price $300)


Juvederm Blow out Sale!!

When we bought our shipment of fillers we got a lot of great deals on products and now we are passing these on to you! All prices are for while supplies last so get them while you can!

Juvederm Ultra XC- Great for adding volume to your lips and getting that pout you always wanted.
Regular Price: $675.00
September Special: $400.00

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC- Perfect for softening deep smile lines of the face and around the mouth.
Reg Price: $675.00
September Special: $450.00

Jevederm Volbella XC 0.55 mL Syringe- Think botox for those wrinkles on your lips……get that smooth hydrated look 24/7!
Reg price: $400.00
September Special: $300.00

Jevederm Volbella XC 1 mL Syringe- Use the 1 mL syringe to get that hydrated look or to just add a subtle amount o volume to your lips. This way you keep everyone guessing if you had something done.
Reg Price: $730.00
September Special: $450.00

Juvederm Vollure XC- Have some mild to moderate smile lines you want softened or erased? Then Vollure XC is what you are looking for!
Reg Price: $730.00
September Special: $450.00

Juvederm Voluma XC- Want those youthful cheeks you used to have or want a little more curvature than what you have? Voluma will give you those youthful curves back and as a bonus even soften those smile lines!
Reg Price: $800.00
September Special: $525.00


Chemical Peels

$150.00 (Reg $180.00)

Looking to brighten the look of your dull or aging skin? Want to get rid of those sun spots or acne scars? The Perfect Derma Chemical Peel can do all of that plus it’s great for all skin types and ethnicities!

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