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Face Lift

Premature signs of aging can leave you looking older than you feel and shatter your confidence. A face-lift can help reverse these signs by lifting and repositioning excess skin and sagging tissue. At Pearce Plastic Surgery, plastic surgeon Paul Pearce, MD, offers face-lift procedures to people living in and around Austin, Texas. Call Pearce Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation or use the online booking tool today.

Face Lift Q & A

What is a face-lift?

As you age, the skin in your face loses its elasticity, causing your skin to sag and wrinkle. This makes you look older than you feel, undermining your confidence. At Pearce Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pearce recognizes the desire to maintain youthful skin and helps you achieve that result with a face-lift.

At Pearce Plastic Surgery, you can receive a traditional face-lift or a limited-incision face-lift. A traditional face-lift benefits those looking to drastically improve the signs of aging in the lower two-thirds of their face. A limited-incision face-lift provides a less invasive procedure, focusing on the lower part of your face, like your cheeks and jawline.

How do I know which face-lift is best for me?

If you desire younger-looking skin, improved self-confidence, and natural-looking results, a face-lift is probably the best choice for you. Determining whether you should receive a limited-incision face-lift or a traditional face-lift depends on the look you’re hoping to achieve and your desired recovery time.

This allows him to accomplish additional tightening beneath the skin by removing excess skin and repositioning the underlying tissue. Though the recovery time is longer, you typically have longer-lasting results than with a limited-incision face-lift.

On the other hand, a limited-incision face-lift improves the signs of aging in the lower half of your face with less invasive surgery and fewer incisions. This provides you with more subtle results compared to a traditional face-lift, typically benefiting those who don’t need extensive facial alterations.

What risks are involved in a face-lift?

To avoid potential complications with your face-lift procedure, you should stop taking blood-thinning medications or supplements before your appointment if possible. You should also stop smoking, as this increases your risk of poor wound healing.

Dr. Pearce might not approve you for a face-lift if you have conditions like:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Hematomas (severe bruises)
  • Heart complications

You also won’t qualify to have a face-lift if you have medical conditions that prevent blood clotting, as this can cause complications with healing after the procedure.

What can I expect during a face-lift?

Dr. Pearce reviews your medical history during your initial consultation. He asks about the medications you’re taking, completes a facial exam, and answers any questions you might have.

After exploring your expectations for the procedure, the team schedules you for surgery. To prepare for your recovery, you should arrange for someone to pick you up and assist you for the first few days. Though you can typically return to work in 1-2 weeks, you should avoid extraneous activities and exercise for at least four weeks.

Dr. Pearce typically uses a general anesthetic before beginning the procedure. Once the anesthetic takes effect, he makes incisions to access your underlying tissue and muscles and starts the tightening process. To address the fat in your neck, Dr. Pearce sculpts, removes, or redistributes it.

Once he finishes repositioning and restructuring the contours of your face, Dr. Pearce instructs you on caring for your wounds after the surgery. Then, he schedules you for follow-up appointments to monitor your healing.

To schedule a face-lift consultation with Dr. Pearce, call Pearce Plastic Surgery or book online today.

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