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Eyebrow Transplant

The shape and density of your eyebrows play important roles in framing your face. With the growing popularity of thick eyebrows, many people strive to make their eyebrows appear fuller. At Pearce Plastic Surgery, plastic surgeon Paul Pearce, MD, offers eyebrow transplants to patients in and around Austin, Texas. The cosmetic procedure helps them achieve the natural look they desire. Call Pearce Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation or use the online booking tool today.

Eyebrow Transplant Q & A

What is an eyebrow transplant?

You could benefit from an eyebrow transplant if you have naturally thin eyebrows or experience eyebrow hair loss. During an eyebrow transplant, your cosmetic surgeon takes a hair graft and moves it to the eyebrow area to give you fuller, thicker eyebrows.

At Pearce Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pearce typically takes the graft of hair from the nape of your neck or from the area around your ear to give your eyebrows a natural look.

Why would I need an eyebrow transplant?

Your eyebrows frame your face, playing an important role in your appearance. But they serve more than a cosmetic purpose. Your eyebrows also divert moisture droplets and sweat away from your eyes.

Some people are born with thick eyebrow hair, while others have thin, sparse hair above their eyes. People with thinner eyebrows often use cosmetic products to make them appear fuller or thicker.

To combat this insecurity with a long-lasting and more natural effect, Dr. Pearce offers eyebrow transplants to boost his patients’ confidence and help them meet their aesthetic goals.

What causes eyebrow hair loss?

Eyebrow hair loss can be caused by many factors. Whether it be a specific medication, injuries, medical conditions, or even overuse of some vitamins, you can experience eyebrow hair loss.

These injuries and conditions include:

  • Burns to the eyebrow area
  • Tumors
  • Scarring
  • Trichotillomania (a mental disorder that causes people to pull out their own hair)
  • Hypothyroidism (a thyroid hormone deficiency)

What should I expect from an eyebrow transplant procedure?

At Pearce Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pearce typically uses a local anesthetic to complete your eyebrow transplant, preventing you from feeling anything during the procedure. He then harvests the grafts from the donor area.

Once the grafts are ready to implant, Dr. Pearce prepares your eyebrows to receive the transplants.

Expect slight bruising and swelling in the affected area for up to five days. After the initial implantation, the new hairs will fall out, followed by renewed hair growth in the area about three months after surgery.

To schedule an eyebrow transplant consultation, call Pearce Plastic Surgery, or book one online today.

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