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Facelift in Austin, TX

As we age, the tissue in our skin begins to lose its elasticity. This can cause the skin to sag and wrinkle, making us look older than we feel.

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A facelift, or rhytidectomy, works to eliminate the premature signs of aging by tightening the skin’s tissues and trimming excess skin. Facelift surgery is beneficial for those looking to achieve younger-looking skin and improve self-confidence.

What Are the Benefits of a Facelift?

Younger-Looking Skin

Many factors contribute to premature aging in the face. Genetics, sun damage, poor lifestyle habits, and skin type all play a role in a person’s facial appearance. A facelift works to improve signs of aging in the face by lifting and repositioning excess skin and sagging tissue.


Improved Self Confidence

Self-confidence plays a significant role in a person’s overall happiness. Visible signs of aging, especially in the face, can negatively affect how they feel about themselves. A facelift can help increase your self-confidence by helping you achieve a younger-looking appearance.


Natural-Looking Results

Many individuals fear that the results of a facelift will look unnatural and overdone. However, advancements in surgical techniques have made it so a facelift will look natural. Instead of the windblown look, patients can now enjoy more authentic, younger versions of themselves.


What Are My Facelift Options?

  • Traditional Facelift

    A traditional facelift is beneficial for those looking to drastically improve signs of aging in the lower two-thirds of the face. Incisions for a traditional facelift are often larger than the limited incision facelift, allowing the surgeon to accomplish additional tightening beneath the skin, such as removing excess skin and repositioning the underlying tissue.

  • Limited Incision Facelift

    A limited incision facelift is a less invasive option for those who do not need extensive facial repair. A limited incision facelift focuses on the lower part of your face, specifically the cheeks and jawline. This option allows for shorter recovery time and smaller incisions.


What Are Your Concerns About a Facelift?


Immediately following your surgery, you will have bandages on your face to protect your incision sites. You will need someone to drive you home from the surgery and assist you for the first few days of your recovery. Many patients return to work and normal daily activities within one to two weeks. It is important to avoid extraneous activity and exercise for at least four weeks.


Facelift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and you will feel no pain during the procedure. You may experience swelling and discomfort after your surgery, but this can be managed by over-the-counter or prescription pain medication.


The severity of scarring will depend on the type of facelift surgery you undergo: traditional or limited incision. Incisions are made close to the hairline and can often be concealed by hair. Scars may be permanent, but will often fade over time. To help reduce the scars’ appearance, try to keep the healing incisions out of the sun, and apply topical scar treatments.


Facelift results are typically visible within one month, but this varies between patients. Results tend to improve gradually over the first few weeks or months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

You may be a good candidate for facelift surgery if you: 

  • Are in good health
  • Do not smoke 
  • Wish for younger-looking skin
  • Do not have any condition that can impair healing
  • Have realistic expectations of your results

How much does facelift surgery cost in Austin?

The cost of facelift surgery in Austin, Texas, is dependent on surgeon fees, anesthesia fees, and the type of facelift surgery you will be undergoing. Schedule a consultation with Pearce Plastic Surgery to determine the cost of your facelift based on your specific needs.

What is the right age for a facelift?

Generally, people in their 40s experience the best results from a facelift. However, this is dependent on the individual patient and their goals. Facelifts are usually performed on men and women between 40 and 60 years of age; however, candidacy depends more on skin condition than physical age.

Can a facelift be combined with any other procedures?

Facelift surgery is typically combined with neck lift surgery to obtain optimal results. Facelift surgery and neck lift surgery provide the patient with a younger-looking appearance by lifting excess tissue and skin. Many patients undergoing a facelift also wish to improve other areas of their face. This can be achieved by combining a facelift with other facial surgeries, such as:

Consult with Dr. Pearce to determine what procedures are right for you.

How long will my facelift results last?

Results of a facelift are not necessarily permanent, as they may be affected by aging. Results will typically last around 10 to 15 years before needing to be redone, but this will depend on the individual patient’s skin type, genetic factors, and how well they maintain and protect their results.

What are the risks of facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery is a generally safe procedure with minimal risk. However, some risks come with any surgery, including:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Numbness
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Pain
  • Adverse reactions to the anesthesia

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