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Ear surgery, also known as “otoplasty,” is a procedure that improves the size, shape, and position of the ears. Otoplasty can correct the structures of misshapen ears and alter the ears to appear more natural and balanced with the rest of the head and face. Results from ear reshaping surgery generally last a lifetime and boosts the patient’s self-confidence.


Make Ears Looks More Natural

Ear surgery repairs a wide variety of flaws or deformities in the ears caused by genetics, birth defects, or trauma, including:

  • Ears that protrude from the head
  • Cauliflower ear and other disfigurations
  • Split or torn earlobes
  • Widened piercing holes
  • Macrotia (overly large ears)

If you are interested in learning more about the causes of ear deformities, feel free to stop by our office in Austin, Texas, for a consultation.

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Otoplasty FAQs

Q. Who is a candidate for ear surgery?

A. Those in good overall health without a life-threatening illness, any medical condition that can impair healing, or chronic ear infections are candidates for ear surgery.

Q. Is there an age requirement for otoplasty in children?

A. As long as the child is a good candidate for the procedure, he or she may undergo otoplasty once the ear cartilage is stable enough for correction (generally around five or six years of age).

Q. Where are the incisions placed for otoplasty?

A. The incisions for ear surgery are usually placed on the back surface of the ear, which makes scarring virtually undetectable. If incisions need to be made on the front of the ear, they will be placed within the folds to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

Q. How long after surgery will the results of otoplasty be visible?

A. Protruding ears will be immediately improved after surgery, and more extensive corrections will develop as the ears heal over time. Dr. Pearce in Austin, Texas will give you more details about your recovery and results based on your individual condition.

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