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What’s the Perfect Age for Breast Augmentation?

Posted July 01, 2021 in Breast Augmentation

3 Minute Read: 

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your breasts? Then it might be time to consider breast augmentation. However, you might be wondering if you are too young or too old. 

What is the perfect age for breast augmentation? 

There are no specific age restrictions in consenting adults, with many women looking for breast augmentation in various stages of life. 

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Let’s take a closer look:

Have Your Breasts Stopped Developing?

This is probably the most important question. While it is easy to say that there are no absolute age restrictions regarding breast augmentation, it is essential to have fully developed breasts.

It is not uncommon for women in their early 20s to still have developing breasts. 

You will need to have your breasts assessed by your surgeon to determine whether you are a candidate. 

If it appears that your breasts are still developing, you will be asked to wait.

What Age Can You Have a Silicone Implant?

While implants are available in saline and silicone materials, many women opt for silicone. 

The FDA has approved silicone implants for women over the age of 22. This type of implant is a silicone shell filled with a cohesive gel substance that creates a more natural look. 

The FDA has various other guidelines and recommendations regarding breast implants and how often they should be replaced.

Do You Still Want to Have Children and Breastfeed?

This is an important factor to consider. Having children can cause the breasts to deflate and become misshapen due to the natural pregnancy process. So if you have had a breast augmentation, the results might be affected. 

Additionally, breastfeeding after a breast augmentation surgery can be more challenging. While it is often very possible to breastfeed with implants, there is no guarantee.

Are You Over 40?

It is very popular for women over the age of 40 to want breast augmentation as they are usually finished having children and want to restore fuller breasts. 

In women over 40, the main consideration is that your augmentation must be divulged to your mammogram technician. Surgeons can place the implants under the muscle, which does not affect the imaging, but it is always better to take special care when performing a mammogram.

What About Those Who Are Over 60?

When you get to this stage of life, you may want to feel more self-confident and combat the aging effect. However, breast augmentation over 60 years of age can be more challenging and take longer to heal.

While many women are suitable candidates for breast augmentation over 60, it is important to have an open and transparent dialogue with your surgeon. 

Additionally, most women considering breast surgery and breast enhancement at this age would benefit from a combined breast lift.

Interested in Breast Augmentation in Austin, TX?

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